The CAAT Instructional Team

The CAAT program is lucky to have an incredible team of professional educators who serve our students every day. The essence of our program is team-based instruction, which encourages teachers to plan inter-disciplinary units to provide unique learning opportunities for our students. Field trips and creative cross-curricular projects are the halmarks of our teams. Please visit the links below to see our teachers' individual class pages.

Teacher (From Left) and Website Subject
Jennifer Hickman 7th Grade Advanced Civics
Kathryn Goss 6th Grade Advanced World Cultures
Barbara Brock - 8th Grade Team Leader 8th Grade Advanced Physical Science
Lauren Marlowe 8th Grade Advanced Language Arts
KC Rice 7th Grade Advanced Language Arts, 8th Grade Advanced American History
Maria Clay 6th Grade Advanced Language Arts
Kathleen Ruby 6th Grade Technology
Jennifer Thomas Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1
Lori Pirzer Band Director
Valissa Dodyk 6th Grade Advanced Math
Phil Riley Algebra 1 and Geometry
Jessica Campbell - 7th Grade Team Leader 7th and 8th Grade Technology
Lisa Holmes - 6th Grade Team Leader 6th Grade Earth/Space Science and 7th Grade Life Science